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Smart Money Community Focused on Growth

Guided Path to Success

The goal is to build our traders up to become elite. How? We provide our traders with a clear path and framework to follow in order to reach their goals.

Live Trading

Our team hosts live trading sessions every single day, so you can learn how to navigate the markets LIVE!

Courses & Live Classes

On top of pre-recorded courses to get you started, we host classes DAILY focused on backtesting, trader development, and psychology development.


1. The Round Table Smart Money Framework

The great thing about the Round Table team is that we're focused all on one strategy. The noise of different strategies and which one to pick is all gone. Simply follow the path & framework we provide and you will be on your way to become an ELITE.

Complete guide to direct you step by step

Course teaching you the framework - Hosted live & recorded


2. Educational Webinars For Success

All the education you need to become an elite trader. Hosted LIVE and recorded so you can watch them back at any time!

Live trading

Weekly prep sessions

Live backtesting sessions

Round table journaling sessions

Trader development sessions


3. In Person Educational Bootcamps

If we aren't unique enough, this separates us from the rest. We're taking community culture and teaching education to the next level by hosting in person meet-ups and providing a literal hands-on program involving in person bootcamps.

Community meet-ups & bootcamps in person

Teaching you everything you need to know hands-on


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